Application Maintenance

With businesses constantly develop, it is all important for organizations to changes the application environment to maintaining existing mission to demanding IT applications and infrastructure. Now, custom-made application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system and improve the efficiency and performance of the application portfolios. Our project management processes and application maintenance services optimize cost and make sure high service levels.

    Application Maintenance

    Our application maintenance services typically include the following phases:

  • Requirement gathering

    Understand business plan, requirements, and provide estimates for the tasks involved


    Fix existing issues and enhance new features.


    Gain knowledge about existing IT systems and maintenance process


    Round the clock support to immediately address critical issues affecting the business applications

  • Business Benefits

    • Flexible approach to suit business needs.
    • Perform Root Cause Analysis to resolve complex reoccur issues.
    • Suggest improvements to the system thereby minimizing the possibility of imminent business critical issues.
    • Improved application quality and consistent service levels
    • Lower costs and higher ROI
    • 24/7 support to ensure quick turnaround time.
  • Application Maintenance and Support Services

    Transform IT to grow your business

    To stay along with the competition, organizations today want to adopt new technologies that enable quickly and improve the ability to be predicted. To continuously increase service efficiency, a simplified and scalable landscape is required that supports automation, optimizes business and reduces cost processes to drive growth. The pressure to deliver with reduced higher business and budgets expectations is making application management a complicated task.

  • Power your business with next-gen IT applications

    Posvat goes beyond the traditional route to deliver next-generation Application Support services and Maintenance that help organizations advantage of IT applications better, and are driven by business outcomes. Along with, delivering superior application quality and lowering costs, our approach provides:

    • Enhanced value realization with business and IT alignment

    We move q IT and business priorities by investing outcome based end-to-end SLA accountability.

    • Greater efficiency through industrialized service

    We use automation to shorten workflows and provide constant improvements via feedback. By build-up IT systems regularly, our offering makes processes more efficient and the business move quickly and easily.

    • Transformation inflight

    We offer continuous support for constant improvements, innovation and transformation.

  • The secret lies in knowledge-based artificial intelligence

    Posvat application Maintenance and Support services investing a knowledge-based AI platform. Nia brings machine learning together with organizational knowledge to drive innovation and automation. It permit clients’ business to continuously reinvent system achieve and landscapes IT goals that range business needs.

With National investigation agency (Nia) for application services, we help clients to increases their potential, derive agility from disruption and lower cost of change.