Is WooCommerce is right for your online store?

If you’re launching an online store, you’ll be presented with many software options for building out your shopfront. Initially, These choices will feel like a windfall, you can quickly feel amazing due to a large number of e-commerce options available. Today we will brief you what is WooCommerce and why you might want to consider it for creating an e-commerce website?

Firstly know that What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Website Development is a free plugin or functional extension for WordPress and it has been downloaded over thousands of times & operates over 40% of online stores. When you are installed into a WordPress website, WooCommerce adds in basic product management, shopping cart functionality and order processing.

WooCommerce creates a primary online store and sells a variety of services and products that include physical goods, affiliate transactions, digital goods and ongoing memberships. The necessary software manages essential e-commerce features like inventory management, international customer, sales tax management, coupons and shipping cost calculations.

Additionally, WooCommerce’s base functionality can be developed with over three hundred extensions that can add features like bookings, composite products, product bundles, EU VAT calculations and tracking, returns and warranties, customer documentation and number of learning management
systems for selling courses.

Here will tell you WooCommerce is right for your online store or not.

No e-commerce software will be ideal for every situation or user. Because it is best to use a structured process to determine what e-commerce solution will work best for your personal needs.

Don’t ask yourself what is WooCommerce and how is it help me. In spite of jumping into the review of WooCommerce as a solution, start by documenting your personal needs. Consider functionality, documentation, theme availability and support. If you have made this list well documented, compare its variety of solutions to see if WooCommerce meets your requirements

Top-level WooCommerce Competitors

WooCommerce has a lot of supply of competitors that can range from free, open source software to large business level solutions. The most famous and popular shopping cart packages such as:

  • Magento: Non-WordPress
  • iThemes Exchange: Free WordPress plugin
  • WP e-commerce: Free WordPress Plugin
  • Ecwid- Non-Wordpress
  • Shopify- Non-WordPress

WooCommerce Developers

Woocommerce was created by the team at WooThemes back in September of 2011. But, In May of 2015, WooThemes was purchased by Automattic and WooCommerce was placed the Automattic family of products.

There are 350 contributors to the WooCommerce code base. These developers are part of the Automattic team, along with independent programmers in the greater WordPress community.

There are a varied group of WordPress developers is the even more significant number. Even, many WordPress agencies and developers working alongside the Woo team to build plugin extensions and stock websites templates for shopfront presentation, installation and set for clients, even offer custom theme twist and custom code.

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