Data center Services

Today Customers don’t want to face any problem about their infrastructure being available. They are troubled about their “service” being available. Over the last decade, many enterprises have assigned their IT infrastructure & operations for ensuring that their IT services are available to the business users.

We help simplify, standardize, optimize, and automate your IT I & O by simplifying deployment, build a foundation for automation, reduce management complexities, and administration of data centers.

  • Our data center management services include the following:

    Monitoring Services

    Posvat monitoring services use different tools to monitor the health and performance of Systems, Storage devices, Network, Applications, Operating Systems, Databases, and Backups. This gives a top-level visibility to the management of IT components in a data center and helps in taking on public and private cloud proactive steps in resolving and identifying issues even before they occur and help prevent critical impact on business.

    Specialists at our national occupational classification (NOC) facility that are provided to monitor the customer’s IT infrastructure on a 24x7 hours help achieve desired IT service level goals. Our expertise is on tools like Splunk, SolarWinds, and IBM Netcool.

    Automate responses for faster diagnosis and recovery

    When you are trying to isolate problems and recover from them, you are normally using a standard diagnostic approach. Actually, this is maybe slow your response time, since it often involves manual processes and notification delays. Posvat can help speed things up. We also provide IT process automation (ITPA) that responds to events as you would using standard diagnosis, growth and repetition processes

    Server Management

    Server related services such as remote and onsite administration, management of Operating Systems, solution design, implementation, application infrastructure, migration, upgrade, and steady state remote support.

  • Our services include:

    Design And Arrangement of IT infrastructure

    Our Services include Implementation, up- gradation, migration, configuration, advanced troubleshooting, performance tuning, Virtualization, OS security, Linux, Solaris, hardening of OS like AIX, HP UX and Windows.

    Constant State support

    Posvat also provides Constant state support onsite or by chance to administer & manage IT Infrastructure, on a 24x7 hours basis, delivered by our team of specialists with small and medium sized entrepreneurs. We have a fully provided 24x7 operations center that is the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

    Storage Management

    Storage Management is used to be simple. Today, it is measured in Terabyte and Petabyte, it continues to progress. Customers have storage “on-prem” & “ on cloud applications which use both.

    Today, the scale of data is value to enterprises and legal force have highlighted the importance of sound data management. Today, you need to faster access to larger data for longer periods.

Backup is central to data management. You need guarantee you can recover data when it is destroyed, deleted, or disappears. Achieving has taken on new urgency as regulations like HIPAA, FRCP and Sarbanes-Oxley continue to change the rules for long-term data storage. We offer a range of proven data backup solutions.