Grocery Merchant Services

Every Grocery store needs to have multiple payment options to provide space for the customers of all walks of life. While cash and check once were enough to keep loyal customers flowing through your doors, today require more options to keep your customers happy. Some of many grocery stores merchant services we offer are: credit/debit card processing EBT(electronic benefit transfer) Check guarantee and conversion Gift cards

  • Tracking customer buying habits, identifying which taste trends which catch fire and dealing with ever-changing technology is incredibly difficult. Not to mention the main challenges of your store, inventory management and developing strategies to increasing sales. When you partner with posvat, your experience is calmness of having a single source for many of the services you use to run your grocery store- POS, payment processing, payroll management, sales initiatives, customer loyalty programmes, Atms and more. No matter if you huge supercenter or a small in-city food market, Posvat can help your business run more smoothly and reduce your worry. Posvat will help its grocery store POS software to conform with store‚Äôs needs. Once you place, you can experience better inventory control, inventory sales, quicker customer services and easier training of new employees. And that just for starters Food stores of all sizes and types can enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of Posvat solution.

  • What You Can Do With Posvat for Grocery and Supermarket

    Deliver a seamless check-out experience barcode scanning, touch screen or keyboard input Prevent overstock and understock issues Track matrix size by size, style and color Conduct price and product look-up Customize receipts and issue Discount/coupons Easily view report to monitor sales, inventory, ordering needs and much more

  • Here are few Additional Components of Posvat POS for food Stores

    Support unlimited number of products and departments Import into quickbooks and other accounting software 24x7x365 support Integrate with scales, printers and other peripherals Allow weight items and random weight barcodes