Point Of Sale (POS)

Point Of Sale (POS) Software Development

Today, POS software development is very demanding after services. At Posvat Pvt ltd we have used methods that provide the structure, design and POS software development which is customized according to your business.

We have a strong portfolio of POS services, which allows customers to easily pick and choose the desired services for meeting their business objectives. With POS deployment, management and transaction processing services, we provide customized solutions to financial institutions and its merchant customers.

If you have merchants Or If you are looking to build a Merchant Network that need POS Terminals‚ then you have come to the right place. We have a Posvat team to be your ideal partner to build a card develop network. Our services are organized into 3 main categories which simply makes us-

  • A National Deployer, which means we can situate POS for you across the country.
  • A Service Provider‚ which means we provide you services which is not your banking business. But, it is necessary for the management of the POS network.
  • A Transaction Processor‚ which means we can provide you technology solutions to connect POS to a switch‚ connect to national/international networks and provide you with back-office tools for management of the network services.

How Our POS Software Development is different to other business?

We know that smooth and continue combination of information is needed to call a POS terminal system complete. It’s not only inputting and monitoring your daily sales activity, but also include inventory tracking capabilities, sales reports, customer management, and managing customer loyalty programs for your store.

Our POS application development services:

We provide POS solutions for restaurants, retail, bar, salon, liquor store, and health care. With Posvat, you have already the great advantage of highly and prove effective POS application development services as our development team can work easily without any trouble for developing POS software. In spite of that, our developers are expert in POS application development by providing you flexible, friendly, and secure software solutions for all kinds of businesses.