Service Integration and Management

Services & products management

Our services is best to suit your requirements. Posvat offer designer-made service for our customer depending upon requirements. Our business designer team takes systematic steps to understand our customer’s business and to provide right solution to the merchants. Our smart business solution and systematic approach towards business has decreased expenses of the customer and bring more value for money.

At Posvat, we analyse our clients business processes, data, and costs then design targeted solutions then expenses, capacity shifts, and storehouse rationalization. Whether a client requires management of all or part of its process, expertise and our full attention is applied to every solution we provide.

We are not only satisfy our customer but our focus is to satisfy customer’s customer so that the business has a full development. Due to our specialized approach our customers have experienced continuous growth in their business and maintained better.

We are working with Top-level organizations where we are providing Managed services & products:

Application maintenance

It is very important for organizations to drive changes to the application environment, while maintaining existing mission demanding IT applications and infrastructure. Posvat tailor-made application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system improve the performance and efficiency of the application portfolios.

Siam app management

SIAM is an outsourcing service model that are drawn from the success of major corporations around the world. This term can be used interchangeably with Multisource Service Integration (MSI). It is also referred to as SIAM/MSI. Actually, SIAM is a new way of looking at outsourcing for many businesses.

Application Operation

Good access to business applications is important to the daily operations of many businesses. The challenges this presents for the IT organisation include having the necessary preparedness, sufficient expertise, and meeting the changing needs and priorities of the business.

Data center Services

Today Customers are no longer want to be problem about their infrastructure being available. They are problem about their “service” being available. Over the last decade many enterprises have invest their IT infrastructure & operations for ensuring that their IT services are available to the business users. We help optimize, simplify, standardize and automate your IT input & Output by simplifying deployment, build a foundation for automation, reduce management complexities, and administration of data.

Workplace Services

Companies want a standardized, tightly controlled desktop environment that increases productivity. when end users require a more customized desktop experience. Our workplace services bridge the gap between these disparate needs.

Networking services

Network Services are the services of management of networks by IT service providers for their clients. The range of network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Network implementation services and Network Consulting Services.