Workplace Services

You want the best for your workplace. But you’re many time faced with higher costs, motionless service quality, outdated solutions, and limited flexibility — when you’re internally managing your devices and IT support or outsourcing it.

We’re ready to equipment for activity these challenges. With next-generation solutions, true thought leadership and best practices, we help you drive growth and cut costs by simplifying and improving every moving part of your business.

  • What are Workplace Services?

    These are the solutions that provide the support and care your end users require from a source you can trust. From service desk to asset disposal, remarketing and redeployment. we provide the tools you need to keep your endpoints up and running perfectly.

    Together, we’ll gain a better understanding of the challenges you face and apply our strong and powerful capabilities to help your business run faster and smarter.

  • Transform Workplace Environments into High-level Platforms

    We help you to address your business and end users priorities with a portfolio of workplace services that are includes:

    Intelligent Workplace:

    An innovative, end-to-end approach to workplace application and platform services built around well cut and fitted user profiles that help you to improve end user productivity, address environmental objectives, and boost business agility, all while reducing IT costs.

    Thin Client:

    an increased Workplace Managed Services architecture that provides an energy-efficient, low-carbon, and virtualized desktop environment

    Even though, filled with quality in technology and process expertise, our goal is always on business outcomes. We make sure that our outsourcing offers are designed, managed to deliver and implemented value to the business. You can see Our Workplace Services portfolio:

  • Saves costs when increasing services:

    Our global, industrialized delivery capability, ITIL-based service management philosophy and deep technology knowledge permit us to build service offers that deliver cost-efficient IT services to our clients from all industry sectors.

    Improve environmental credentials:

    We work with partners such as Intel, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Google and VMWare to deliver solutions that are energy efficient and permit business practices that result in lower carbon output

    Improves IT performance and availability:

    Our 24/7 global network of management control centers draws on advanced monitoring tools and high level qualified staff to constantly manage the performance and availability of all traffic.

    To find more about how our Workplace Services can be utilize to reduce your carbon footprint, visit our interactive Office Posvat pvt ltd.

  • A Workplace Services develop

    Posvat is a leader in the workplace services market, currently supporting thousands users worldwide. For the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), we managed one of the largest desktop transformations all over the world.

Our global delivery network includes thousands of servers positioned with creating technology. We offer the experience and expertise of lots of outsourcing employees worldwide. Our workplace services deliver a secure end-user environment supported by industry-standard incident and change management processes to collaboratively defined service levels.